Thursday, March 21, 2013

36 Things Project: Items 13-24

 Last year I took on The Yes Project and I loved where it took me.   I'm still continuing with saying Yes more often than no.   This year I want to live with more purpose and deal with some things that have been nagging me.  Some of these are things that seem to swirl above me on those sleepless nights.  So for this year, I have come up with "36 Things"  to accomplish for my 36th year.  Some of them are big, some of these are boring, some are optimistic.  

Here are the next 12  items on my "36 Things" list. 
13. Swim everyday this summer
I'm an Aquarius, a water sign, and I have wondered if I'm really part fish.   Swimming is my passion, being in the water is my favorite place to be.   On the summer days I don't swim, I always think, "The things I did instead of swimming weren't worth it."  This Ultimate Super Mega Summer is going to be pool-centric, bring on the pruney fingers.

14. Update the Master Bedroom
 This is the last room in the house that still has the vanilla walls from our Pre-Juan Days. The silly thing is that the master bedroom is my second favorite room in the house, so it should be a priority.  The furniture is all there, it just needs some paint and new bedding.  (In case you don't know, my kitchen is my very favorite room.)
A rough sketch of what should happen to my oh so blah living room
 15.  Hang some pictures
I have a reoccurring nightmare that Nate Berkus shows up at my house and screams in horror at the lack of personal details in my house.   I can hear him saying, "Where are the photos?  The treasures?  Where is your personality? Your house is a yawn-fest." I need to add some pizazz and pep to my house, something that says, "Hey, you are a fun person!" This year, I will hang up pictures and make my house look like we live here.

16.  Finish 10 chapters of my book
There is a story that needs to be shared and I have outlined and plotted it all out.  It's something my family has encouraged me to do and I have stopped and started it a 100 times.   I need to stop putting the dishes first and write, it's better for my mind and spirit.

17.  Submit book for publishing
I need to get up the courage to submit my writing for publishing and embrace the rejection letters as they come.  (Maybe I could frame them and hang them an accomplish #15 at the same time.) 

18.  Write a note to one of my High School Teachers who influenced me
High School wasn't my favorite for lots of reasons and I felt like a square peg in a round hole.   There were a handful of teachers who really were influentialMr. Phreaner, taught me to love Shakespeare and I wish I wo.uld have written him a note to let him know how much I loved his enthusiasm for good books before he passed away.  He taught me to write "in my own voice."  I still vividly remember him clutching Romeo and Juliet and having to steady himself because he was so moved by the words of Shakespeare.

19.  Run for my Mom
This year I want to participate in a run in honor of my mom.   I know participating in a run won't cure cancer, but it will feel like I'm doing something in the fight to end cancer. 

20.  Find a kid friendly service project
I loved participating in The Hundred Dresses Project with my kids. It was a great project to work on with the kids and get them involved.   This year I want to find a project I can do with my kids to help them become more compassionate people.  

21.  Host a Glam Dinner Party
On my list of things I've wanted to do was to host a grown up dinner party, hopefully 20's themed.   I keep thinking it would be perfect to do around the release of the upcoming Great Gatsby Movie. 

22.  Visit Santa Barbara
This is home for me, and every summer we make an annual trek.   Except last summer I was busy with my dad's big move across country.  We just didn't make it, and since I have been feeling a bit orphaned in the last year, I think some time at the place I consider "home" will do some good.

23.  Read 12 books
I love to read, but I swear once I sit down to read, I fall right to sleep.  It took me 3 months to get through my last book, the pace was embarrassing.   I have a tall stack of books I want to read this year, and I'm hoping to get through at least 12.  

24.  Bring back the Friday Night Date Night
Mr. Man and I were so good about doing a Friday night date regularly before we moved, but during the remodel, the dates were replaced with dates perusing the aisles of Home Depot hand in hand.   Now, it's more of an issue that I'm too lazy to plan for the sitter and it's just easier to stay home.  That is the very reason I started The Yes Project, becuase no is the easy answer.  

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