Friday, May 18, 2007


Let me introduce you to Sprinkles. They are one of these ultra trendy cupcake places. They claim to be the original of the "cupcake bakeries". The cupcakes are delicious, much better than I'll ever make, and the frosting to cake ratio is perfect. I'm not a cake kind of person, but I enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake. They are the perfect little "something" to bring someone. Such as my pal Cinnamon, yes that's her real name, and no that's not her profession. I bought some cupcakes for her, and some for me. I saved them until I got home in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, and went to get a cup of milk to enjoy them with. When I got back to the cupcakes 2 seconds later, they were GONE. Just one little crumb remained. Meet Sandy, our original problem child. This dog is SMART and manipulative. She knows the punishment will be temporary, but the bliss from a full stomach of people food will last for hours. What's that under Sandy's paw? Oh, that's a Sprinkles box. Sandy had inhaled the cupcakes off my plate. This is the dog, who limps because she claims to have a bad hip. Looks like the hip is not bothering her enough to prevent her from getting up on the counter. ARGGHH!! I was reminded that Sprinkles has special cupcakes for dogs, and Sandy is wicked smart, so maybe she's sending me a message not to forget her next time I go. And this is Cim, who had a birthday and recieved Sprinkles cupcakes! We went out last night and stayed out late and indulged in lots of reckless behavior. She's known me since the dawn of time, and we laugh nonstop together. We couldn't stop laughing long enough to take a good pic either.
After dinner we hit Pinkberry AKA Frozen Heroin in a cup. It's another hip spot, and we people watched while we enjoyed it's not-frozen yogurt goodness. This place is crazy busy, with a line out the door the ENTIRE time we were there. Apparently Pinkberry has been under some fire lately, because they claimed it's non-fat frozen yogurt. Turns out it isn't really frozen yogurt. This is all very reminiscent of a Seinfeld episode. Anyway, they are too cheap to get new cups, so they just put white tape on them.


Laura said...

oh NO! Not the Sprinkles!!!!

Beth said...

Darn you- now I want some fake frozen yogurt! :P

laura said...

see - now the sprinkles cupcakes... i thought they were WAY overrated. we actually threw some out. :O

but i do want to try that pinkberry. i love the white tape!