Monday, May 14, 2007


This cute girl... all girl... well except for the fact that she loves dinosaurs and cars. These boys went to the annual "Father & Son's" campout. They had a BLAST!! Nathan brought home a frog. Nathan can't wait to go "camping" again. (They didn't spend the night, just came home aroung 11pm) Ross got bit by a tick, which can't be good.Collapsed after a day of fun!
Bloomingdales just opened here!! I love it! I was invited to the Private Opening, before it opened to the public. I went with my pal Steph, and we had a blast. I went back today for a little shopping, and found this shirt. Nathan was sooo excited about it. He calls it his "skull" shirt. It's awesome and makes him look like a convict with a bad attitude. Perfect to wear while sitting on the time out chair.

And while the boys were at Fathers & Sons camping, I took her out for ice cream with some friends. I totally wish they made this cute dress in my size.

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Anna said...

I'd wear that dress if it came in my size too. Very cute.

I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Look at Miss Amanda, all walkin' on her own!