Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Older Pics...

The week after Tax Day, Ross took some time off and we spent some good quality family time together. I came across the pictures today, and thought they deserved to be blogged.

We went to the LA Zoo. Nathan went from animal to animal saying "Okay, let's go see some more" I couldn't resist a pic of my cuties in their ginormous hats. If you ever see some gal in a big floppy hat with two kids in monsterous hats... it's probably me... That night Ross and I went out for the night. Dinner, Shopping, and off to see Wicked. It was fun to hang out around Hollywood.
(And this is classic Ross... almost every photo of us he has his tongue out. Super mature, eh.) Ross took Nathan to the Aquarium one of those days. I LOVE this pic!!

My new favorite project is our bedroom. The furniture has been purchased, now it's time to shop for Bed Linens!! I am LOVING THIS!! It's a good distraction and a fun project. I enjoy a good trivial and trite dilema... such as what threadcount do I want?


jai said...

At first I thought the spider crab caption was for the photo of the seal. And I thought, "Have I been mistaken all these years? I was sure that animal is called a seal."
But I worked it out eventually.

I have a ginormous hat for gardening, but I can't bring myself to wear it very often. I mean, it is GARGANTUAN.

P.S. IKEA opened here yesterday. Much rejoicing!

Jamie said...

Very cool pics, Wendy. I love that pic at the aquarium. I didn't know you went to see Wicked again. Lucky you. :)

Which furniture did you end up getting?


laura said...

hope you and ross had a great date! :)

and sorry, but i am with ross - i regularly stick my tongue out for pics. ask darren - he HATES it! lol! :)

Molove said...

Yay! Update! Hoppy is adorable. So teeny tiny. I just want to squish Nathan and Amanda.

Great pictures.