Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meet Hoppy!!

The newest member of our family... Hoppy. Nathan kept wanting to call it Suzy.. but we've done Suzy before.. .Suzy the Butterfly, Suzy the Ant, Suzy the Worm, Suzy the Roly Poly.

Nathan is very adept to catching the frog. The frog resides next to "Boo" the Fish, and "Nasty" the Tick that bit Ross.
Speaking of Ross, these are his pants, he wore to church on Mother's Day. Notice the GINORMOUS hole in them. I am an awful awful mean wife, and upon hearing that he walked around dropping the kids off at Sunday School with this giant hole in the rear of his pants, I laughed and laughed, and then laughed some more. I shouldn't laugh, but it was REALLY funny. The hole is over 9 inches... I have hung these up in the den, so I can look at them and chuckle some more.
Can you feel the winds of change coming? This weekend Ross and I are determined to sit down and figure out our new bedroom furniture. Want a sneak peek of some of the tear sheets we have narrowed our choices down too?

Ooooo, I can NOT wait!!


Laura said...

That is the smallest frog EVER!

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding, Wendy. That's quite a rip. :)

Beautiful bedroom furniture too. You have good taste.


Beth said...

I can't believe he didn't feel that hole back there!

Great beds! :)

laura said...

cute frog - cute boy!

rofl at the rip!! :D