Monday, May 07, 2007

Spent the afternoon at the pool....

"We spent the afternoon at the pool" sounds so fancy, when really it's nothing more than the biggest roundest plastic pool put in the side yard with a tarp over it (remember my kids are Irish, so it's either in the shade or an all out WWF Smackdown to slather them with sunscreen. ) There's even a lawnchair and sidetable for mom poolside. It's soooo not classy, but so much fun. The kids and Skoopi splash and play in the pool. It's cool, I sip a fancy beverage, soak my feet, read a magazine for an hour, the kids splash, splash, splash. Then everyone collapses at naptime, exhausted!

Speaking of naptime, these kids are starting to play together. Or more like Amanda follows Nathan around. These guys, both who refused to wear clothes over the weekend decided the laundry room is a perfect place to nap & snack.

Also, just a pic of Amanda last week. She kept pointing to herself in the mirror and saying "Pretty".

And a big shout out to Jai, who faithfully reads my blog. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there... if you are reading post a comment!


Laura said...

I thought *I* was your favorite!!!

Jai said...

Holla back, yo!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Mom. I thought I was your
all time favorite. I love your blog so much, Wendy. It's so fun to see my cute grandkids in action when I can't be there.