Monday, June 25, 2007

This was a first for me...

Two kids in time out at the same time. An all out brawl had just taken place over a ball. Neither of them were being nice, so both got sent to their naughty spots. This girl is finally back in the mode of wearing clothes... phew! She pointed to these cowboy boots at the store and wanted them on her feet right then at the store. She has worn them everyday since.
This boy has discovered dressing himself, which means picking out his own clothes. I'm not sure I really like it, but so far he has pretty good taste. He likes long sleeve shirts the best and shorts. Also, check out his first real barber shop haircut.
And for Father's Day. Nathan came up with this great idea to get Daddy a pair of Crocs just like his. We did, but long story short it wasn't a surprise. We were panicking for a gift idea. Too bad the iPhone didn't come out in time for Father's Day. Then my pal Steph had a brilliant idea, so Ross got a pair of checkerboard vans, just like Nathan!! Helloooooo 1984... And dude... Ross looks hammered in this pic. Apparently, we'd been partying hard the night before or something. Also notice Nathan's outfit.... another long sleeve shirt and shorts ensemble.


Beth said...

I'm completely shocked to come on here and find a post mainly about shoes... ;)

Love the photos! And the double time out is great. My sister and I had a couple of those growing up. Secretly, I think my mom did it just so she'd have us both quiet and out of trouble to give her a break, hehe.

laura said...

lol at beth noticing the shoe theme! :)

i LOVE baby q's cowgirl boots - too cool for school!

miss you !! :)