Monday, June 11, 2007

People... being a BIG GIRL ROCKS!

Finally... at the age of 30 I have a Big Girl Bed. You know, a bed where there is an actual bedframe. The bed is HUGE, the bedroom is tiny, but oddly enough I think the room feels bigger... more spacious... more grown up. Here's the bed... Baby Girl and Labrador used for scale purposes only.
It arrived Saturday, and Saturday night I couldn't sleep, because I just wanted to stare at my new bed. I tried using my "itty bitty booklight" to illuminate my bed.... but it just wasn't the same effect. Now, it's time to get serious about paint colors and bed linens. Ross... gave the big thumbs down on white linens... BOOO!!
And that green and yellow dresser in the first pic, is a lovely antique my mom gave me as a wedding gift. I'm thinking it will go in my living room. Obviously, we decorated the old room around it. It will be replaced by another dresser that will match in a few weeks. And here is a shot of the top of my dresser. It contains a small jewelry box, a box that Nathan made me for Mother's Day, and my Elvis snow globe. It was a gift from my pal, and each and every night I shake it before bed.

Also.. some pics from the weekend... It was the Official neighborhood "Welcome to Summer Party" and then we went to our friend's house for a Basketball party. Both TOTALLY fun. Ross or "Russell" as he is known around the neighborhood... (ok.. maybe... just one neighbor calls him that), anyway... Ross spent 90% of the time in the bouncehouse teaching Amanda how to jump... she LOVED IT! He is an amazing dad.I don't actually think we saw Nathan at the party except for this mere glimpse of him. He played with the big kids the WHOLE time. So fun, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe for the next 18 years I don't have to watch him every single minute if there is something safe to occupy him. I actually held several lovely adult conversations that were toddler lingo free.
And my dear friends, we are starting a fund... it's called the "Dude... we need a pool" fund.* Also, here is a rare shot of my ginormous forehead. Notice the two kids have them as well, apparently we were meant to adopt them, because we can help them navigate life with a big forehead that houses in enormous brain.

*Donations can be made via paypal.
We had the best time swimming with the kids at our friends house. The wee ones loved sitting in the hot tub with us, and again, we had more adult conversations with people while the kids happily played with the jets. It was a shocking weekend full of grown up conversations and a grown up bed.... it's surreal.


Laura said...

what do you do in your big girl bed?

Jamie said...

Love the bed, Wendy. I had to wait until I was 37 to get a big girl bed.

We are starting we want a pool fund too! I'll contribute to yours if you contribute to mine. :)

Cute pictures too. I'm glad you had such a great weekend filled w/ adult conversation. ;)

laura said...

yeah - did you get my paypal contribution? i sent it, yeah, that's the ticket! :P

m'kay - i'm loving the bed - it is almost exactly like my first big girl bed (mine is white, tho) that i got about 3 years ago! ;)

looks like you had a great weekend - i'm so glad! :)


Beth said...

what do you do in your big girl bed?

Why she makes the bed, silly girl... :P

Love the bed. Love the dog (is that an english lab, by chance?). Love the kids!