Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's the MOST Wonderful time of the YEAR!

We went to the beach last night, and these are our favorite beach shoes. Everyone has a pair of Crocs for the Beach, and they are hideous but comfy. This pic of allthe shoes piled in the sink after getting rinsed off, just spells S.U.M.M.ER. to me. I am GRATEFUL that we live close enough to go to the beach for an hour, and it only takes 15-20 minutes from door to sand. We went at sunset last night, and it was perfect.

If I hit the Lotto, I would do this everyday. I love having fresh flowers in my house. I smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

It was the last day of school for Nathan. I love the rhythm of the school year, but enjoy the carefree days of summer. I like napping the afternoon away, and staying out late with the kids. I love going to bookstore at 9pm with the kids and read a magazine while the kids play and browse in the kids books.
And my other reason why I love this time of year. The Nordstroms sale. I take a few hours off of work every year and go. It's my indulgence. Last year I met up with Lindsey, who has become a fabulous personal shopper. She knows my style, and she has come up with fabulous items that are very much "me". This year she picked out an outfit for an upcoming corporate thing... FYI.. the shopper thing is free, and seriously... they are great about knowing your price range. This outfit she picked was tres CHEAP. Also, did you know Bath & Body Works has a semi annual sale at the SAME TIME? Who knew?

Also, thanks for the good thoughts for my mom. The surgery went "as expected" today.


Jamie said...

Love all those pink crocs. Your picutre *almost* makes me want to wear them. I bet they do make good beach shoes. They're grat for camping too.

Enjoy that sale at Nordy's.

Have a great summer w/ your family! :)

laura said...

love the croc picture. we just got some slip-on ones for jack for summer. i'd even go for those...

totally jealous of the whole being out of school thing. we still have 2 more weeks. i am so looking forward to it.

we did the sale thing on wednesday too - just some school clothes for jack and some shoes for sarah. you mean, they have clothes for *me* there, too??!! ;)

hey - i am going to see you on friday, huh!? yay! can't wait!!!!! :D