Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's just like living in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard...

My brothers and I loved watching TV during the summer days. We watched The Price is Right faithfully (moment of silence for the passing of Bob's tall skinny mic), The Incredible Hulk, Emergency!, CHiPs, and best of all.. The Dukes of Hazzard.

So, today I'm driving Nathan to Sports Camp, and my car starts locking and unlocking itself. It's going crazy!! I get to school, and we are all locked in. I think to myself, "What would Luke & Duke do in my situation?" So, I climb out of the window and pull the kids out the same way. After dropping Nathan off, we head over to the Honda Dealer.
*Me... climbing out the window of my car.
The very best way to get helped quickly is to climb out the window of your car. "Ma'am.. what ARE you doing?" Of course, because they are the dealer and are theiving crooks they inform me it's not under warranty and it's almost $100 to "just take a peek at the problem". I'm not gonna lie, I'm not having the best week, or past two weeks for that matter. Don't mess with me, when I'm not having a good week. I made a huge giant scene... and now all is well, the car will be fixed and washed and ready in the morning. Out of pocket cost: $0
So, we have a third car. I'm hanging on to it, because it reminds me of my youth. It has no airbags, 3 working seatbelts, and the back gate doesn't stay open. This car can be a pain to move around to avoid parking tickets, but today it was a lifesaver. The kids think it's hilarious they get to sit next to each other. Nathan proclaimed that this car was his favorite car in the whole world. "It's the coolest car in the world, mom" No sweetie... that maroon VW bus mom has her eye on... now that is the COOLEST car in the world .

I have suspected that Mr. Man (aka Ross or Russell) doesn't read the blog. That's too bad, because there's something in this next pic that will be gone for good unless he protests before 5pm. However, I also post this pic because Amanda (notice the boots again!!) suddenly thinks Skoopi is her horse. Skoopi is NOT AMUSED. Here Skoopi is bucking her off, and she laughed and laughed, and tried to climb on again.


Karlea said...

Quick thinking there Wendy. And I LOVE the cowgirl riding the dog. TOO FUNNY! Hope all is well with you guys this summer.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that picture! I love the pink cowboy boots. Chelsea went through a phase like that. The boots WITH her pink Power Rangers outfit. I let her wear that stuff till she was sick of it. That took a long time.

Laura said...

Okay, but I just have to know -- were you wearing your Daisy Duke's when you climbed out the window? 'Cause I think it's mandatory if you're going to pull moves like that.