Monday, June 04, 2007

Ever feel like this....

Your just sooo sooo tired, you fall asleep wherever in the most uncomfortable position, but you don't care. (Kerry, I'm sure you can relate) After a day of swimming and a bunch of late nights, Nathan just couldn't help but take a quick nap.
And our late nights are due to Ross's Basketball tournament. This week is the playoffs... Hooray! It's fun watching Ross play. Nathan and Amanda made these shirts to wear to cheer him on. We rented Night at the Museum for Nathan, and he watched most of the movie like this, hiding behind the couch. Now that he has seen it once, he wants to watch it all the time. He loves the Dinosaur and soldiers.
This is my Dad, who saved us several hundred bucks by repairing our shower. This old house of ours is in need of some TLC, slowly we are working on this. I drive by these new houses and part of me thinks... ooooo no septic tanks, no hard to find shower valves, no outdated wiring, and I think that would be soooo nice. However... then I step into my backyard... and this old house is totally worth the upkeep. And Nathan loved spending one on one time with his grandparents today. He was so excited to see them when they picked him up from school.

And summer is coming..... I can smell it in the air. It's the fog.. the June Gloom... my favorite part of the year. I love swinging in the backyard as the fog rolls in.

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