Sunday, July 08, 2007

And now you are Four!

Dear Nathan,

And today you are Four. It was Four years ago, that we sat in a hospital waiting room with your birthgrandfather and waited your arrival. The doctor updated us at about 5pm and said you should arrive between 6 and 9pm. You had to do things your way and arrived at 9:01pm. The doctor brought out your perfect footprints. You were born into unique circumstances and loved by a whole team of people. We saw your birthmom first and then walked into a room where a nurse handed you over to dad. He started to unwrap your blanket and wanted to count your fingers and toes. Your dad was totally hogging you!! Today, we pause and give thanks to your birthmom. Your dad eloquently stated that "she is one of our favorite women on the planet" because she placed you into our family. We spent a short time with her over a few months, but we feel like we've known her forever.

In four years, you have come a LONG way!! You are in one word... EXUBERANT! You take life by the horns, and you do things your way. You have been a challenge as you are stubborn and aggressive, just like your mom and dad. However my sweet boy, you are also a JOY. We have the best time together, and you are a riot to play with.

Nathan, there are many successes and challenges ahead of you in life, but you will do just fine, because already at 4, you are wise and know what you want out of life. You are a born leader. We have bets that you will be President of the USA, an Actor, or run a Fortune 500 company. Your dad and I have big hopes and dreams for you. (shh... dad hopes it involves basketball and the Lakers... ) and we are here for you to help make those dreams happen.

We love you Booboo.

Mummy & Daddy

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laura said...

happy belated birthday, nathan! wendy, what a great post! (((((hugs)))))