Monday, July 30, 2007

Fabulous... but worth it? Heck YES!

My dear friend Mary (aka Faux Sister) visited last weekend. I LOVE HER!! I laughed so hard I snorted on several occations, which is slightly mortifying. Mary is constantly trying to steal Nathan, he would fit in nicely in their family.. so she says. Mary is also unbelievably talented as a photographer. She did a photo shoot with the kids.
Check out this shot... I'm totally blowing this one up for our house.
And probably all of these too...

Today I got a CD of the pics she took, and they are UNBELIEVABLE and amazing. My kids were not very cooperative for her, but she just captured their personalities perfectly on film. I'm so grateful... but the question is.. just how grateful am I? Because on the CD was written "For payment: Please send me one four old boy". HA! She's funny. After looking at the pics... I've decided.. it was worth it. We will sure miss Nathan, but we have great pics to remember him by.


stacy said...

The pictures are gorgeous! We will miss Nathan as well. I will happily take Amanda off your hands if you wish! Love that girl!

laura said...

yep, nathan is cute and all, but giving him up is TOTALLY worth that 1st picture. that is just about the cutest kid picture i have ever seen. no, seriously - it is PERFECT!!! i hope you have it blown up - like to poster size or something. they are like little mini models. it is too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love that picture of Nathan staring at all those butts. LOL!

I had so much fun. Thanks for letting me take pictures of your kids. They are the cutest.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute I can't stand it. I think you need an entire photo wall. Mary is far too humble about her talents I think. Those are truly wonderful.