Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer... how do I love thee..

We spent the day with our pal Cindy and her cute family at the beach. It was a GORGEOUS day. We talked, laughed, and cursed... the only thing missing was a tall cold beverage. Cindy is awesome, and I wish she was my neighbor... Boo on all of you who live far away. Nathan is doing AWESOME at Swim Lessons. I am totally relieved. His teacher is awesome, and something this past month clicked, and now he WANTS to go underwater. This is Nathan at his Birthday dinner. We asked him to pick where he wanted to go. He said on his own, that he wanted to go to In-n-Out. *wipes away tears of joy* Ross and I are so proud of the good choices he makes... especially In-n-Out over McDonalds. Hooray!! He's not easily won over by marketing gimmicks of Happy Meal Toys... well unless it's Disney, or those blasted Power Rangers.
Case in point.. here he is wearing Nemo PJ's (a birthday gift from 2 years ago) and his Toy Story Doll. Check out those sheets... they were mine when I was young!!

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