Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy 4th of July! The kids sit on the doorstep for the annual 4th of July pic. AK's outfit is compliments of Brooke. When she gave it to AK two years ago, I don't think she expected that it would finally fit on AK's 2 years later. But AK is growing at her own pace. Look at that head of curly hair AK's got.... I have had the worst case hair envy of every toddler I met since November, I am sure people thought I was psycho staring at their kids hair all the time. But that envy is going away because she has adorable locks! And it's far curlier! The dogs and kids could not coordinate a good shot with all of them. So with my mad Photoshop skills, I've taken the best dog and kid pics and separated them. Notice Skoopi is giving the "I'm neglected, and the girl thinks I'm her horse... save me please" eyes, and Sandy is just looking pissed as usual with her "I used to be the da-bomb at this house... if you don't believe me check out the woman of the house's scrapbook pages about me. I have a freaking baby book... even the kids don't have that" look. Can you believe Sandy is almost 11?
Then our birthday celebration with Nathan on Saturday. We made his birthday a 3 day event. We made cupcakes with Superman paper tins. Notice Nathan has obviously sampled the frosting.
Nathan paused for about 2 seconds to let me take a pic of his presents. I CAN NOT believe we bought him a Power Ranger set. It goes against every moral fiber I have, but he really really really wanted it. Thank goodness the Power Rangers started to break in the first hour they were played with. Also... because several Disney Execs read this blog, the Woody Doll has been a favorite. Way to go. Seriously, when are you going to start forking over this stuff for free with all the advertising I give you guys.... (ahem.. cough cough... we still need Woody's horse.. cough cough)
And then a new haircut for me. The lady swears my forehead isn't too large for the side swept bangs a la Katie Holmes. I think she was just hoping for a big tip... or maybe she's just jealous of my ginormous brain.


Anonymous said...

GO GO Power Rangers! That song will never leave my head. Nice to know they are still going strong 13 years since my time with them!
I love the pictures of all 4 kids, they make cute pairs. And Amanda's hair, no kidding. Those curls are too cute for words. Both those kidlets are too cute for words.

Cim said...

You know, that magician guy you set me up on a blind date with...he was the purple Power Ranger.

I noticed you didn't mention your high power WB Executive friends.

Just sayin'!

(cute hair)

laura said...

i love your hair! so cute!