Friday, August 24, 2007

A bit of blog housekeeping...

As I get a little more computer savvy... I just learned how to add a button that will actually send my posts to your email!! So, you can subscribe to my blog, rather than having to check here every so often.

If you want to join, just scroll allllllll the way to the bottom. See where it says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) " Click on that!!



stacy said...

Thank you, thank you for doing this. You were the only blog left that I didn't have in my inbox. (Of the blogs I frequent regularly.)

laura said...

aren't you just a techie?!

check your email, woman!!!

jai said...

awesome! plus, have you noticed how other people are commenting, now that you called them out for not being me?
i have noticed that.

Anonymous said...

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