Friday, August 24, 2007

The Party...

We had the kids birthday party last Saturday. So fun! I had this idea to do these invitations a long time ago...I thought it was funny. Anyway, Mr. Man brought me back that beautiful print from Paris on a recent trip. I loved it, and one day thought, why not put party hats on the people. So I did... printed off teeny tiny party hats, cut them out and pasted them on. I showed Mr. Man just smiled and rolled his eyes and said.. "No eiffell tower bouncehouse, I draw the line" Of course that made me wonder... do they make eiffell tower bouncehouses? (FYI, no not yet!)

So, I decided, the kids are 2 & 4, it's time they start pitching in. I gave them each a marker and some crazy Birthday Party catalog and told them to circle the party they want. Nathan went through the book and circled the cups from EVERY SINGLE party. Only cups.
I asked the kids what they wanted for the menu. AK said "Nan & Eeezz" (roughly translated to banana and cheese) Nathan wanted Chips, Fruit Roll ups and "colorful drinks" (ie red, orange, & grape sodas) . We decided to turn "chips" into nachos thus accomplishing Nathan & AK's request.

(a pic of the different plates and napkins)

I showed the kids the list of bouncehouses and they picked the dog. Nathan also asked for a Pinata filled with Lollipops. So we did. The Party went great. I ran out of time on some of the decor and goodie bags, because I was too busy planning for my surgery and then having meltdowns. I don't think anyone noticed.
At the end of the day, I caught this pic. That's Mr. Man & our neighbor having a blast in the bouncehouse.

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