Monday, August 20, 2007

Life inside my little square box.

I'm having surgery. It's a fact and it was scheduled for this morning, but was postponed at the last minute. It's a good move, healthwise. The doc wants a fancy schmancy specialists there to assist. I'm a complex medical wonder, so it's a good move on the docs part.
However... have you met me? Ahem.. I like things to be just "so". I like to be in control, I need it... Must have it. I like my life to be in the parameters of my comfort zone. So, you do not tell me that the event that I have been planning & preparing for is moved by two weeks.... without some major flip out.
And people... it was a MAJOR flipout. Mr. Man actually got the call and details from the doc , and I swear there was terror in his eyes as he relayed the news. I know he was fearing the inevitable. He kept giving me a few details and then paused.... "um... Wendy.. say something". I calmly responded with "Go ahead" and then when he was all done.... all hell broke loose inside my head. It was as if my very neat and tidy box just crumpled.
I believe I kept screaming "What do I do with 120lbs of dog food?" "I bought 7 gallons of milk" "We have every frozen meal option Trader Joes & Whole Foods offers... what happens now"
It took about an hour of hyperventilating, screaming, and some pacing to calm down. Then I had the aftershock flip out, which was quickly remedied by my pal reminding me she would tell blatant lies of my wit and charm at my funeral to get me to calm down.
Anyway.. good news. I have NOTHING, I mean NOTHING going on the next two weeks. How is that possible? I am not even sure what to do with myself. I think I'll have to spend the next week repairing my nice and tidy little box.


stacy said...

Wendy, you my friend are more neurotic than I am when it comes to the box. For that, I love you. We'll just have to plan some fun playdates to occupy the next two weeks. (My children started asking for Nathan five minutes after we got home Saturday night.)

laura said...


i think you should spend some time altering that box. one trip to paper source and you should be all set! :)