Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Anniversary....

Friday was our wedding anniversary and Mr. Man planned a fabulous night out. While out, we bumped into Nathans beloved PreSchool teacher who was at a dinner celebrating her upcoming nuptials. I mentioned it was our anniversary, and when she asked how long had we been married, I felt the words tumble out of my mouth... 12 years. And then I stood there dumbfounded, had it really been twelve years? It made me feel terribly old, and sent me into a small panic. Have I really been married 12 years?

We had a lovely night out, and it was fun to be out as just Mr. Man & Wendy, we left our Mommy & Daddy persona's at home. Our anniversary always reminds me that for our 10th anniversary we got the best present of all, and that was to bring AK home from the hospital. That would be pretty hard to top.... (*although *wink wink* nudge nudge* a sparkly ring might come close)

And because I was challenged to post this here on my blog, I have included a very G rated letter to Mr. Man (aka Russell) just like my birthday letters to the kids.

Dear Mr. Man,

The occasion for this letter is our twelve year anniversary. Writing out the year twelve makes me feel very old, and is very surreal. I reflected the entire day about the past twelve years of our lives together.

I remember the distinct moment we met and started talking. We talked until 6am the following morning. Oh man, I was so young when we met. A bit mature for my age, but still so young. I often remark that you must have seen a diamond in the rough, because I look back at my 18 year old self and cringe. You have always given me the space I needed to allow me to grow, stumble, and figure out my own path in life. Sometimes it was frustrating when you would encourage me to "make my own decision", but it was always worth it and the right thing to do.

You have been always been there with me, as a companion and teammate in every endeavor. You have encouraged 99% of my hare-brained ideas. You even donated the garage (your haven!) to my beloved Eurostroller.

When it came time to start family, you showed incredible patience. You watched all your friends become parents, and patiently waited until I was ready. I am incredibly grateful for that. Then as parents, you are more involved than I ever could have imagined. You are a natural father and I love watching you interact with the family.

There have been some challenges along the past twelve years, and you have always been there cheering for us as a couple and as a family. You do not cheer for the more popular view, nor for the easiest way out... you cheer for us. That is possibly one of your best qualities.

I love you. It's as simple as that. I hope to spend another twelve hundred or so years with you.


And then also, because one of my favorite parts of August is the three festive days AK's birthday (9th), Our Anniversary (10th), and then my dear friend Steph's birthday (11th) Here is a birthday wish for my friend Steph, who has stood by me for the past 8 years and who I wish I could hang out with daily.... here's a pic of us starting our girls weekend adventure. Don't you think she looks like Keri Russell from Felicity around the eyes?


laura said...

awww, wendy! happy anniversary to you and mr. wendy! you guys are the cutest couple - what a sweet letter! :)

Molove said...

Happy Anniversary to one very wonderful couple! Nice entry Wendy. Thanks for sharing it, it's really touching.