Monday, August 27, 2007


We went to the Policeman's Rodeo (aka my annual donation, that I casually mention if I'm pulled over) on Saturday night with some friends. Very cool friends indeed. I totally want Nathan to grow up with this girl. She is so much fun to play with. Nathan looks like he is going to punch my lights out. And it looks like our sweet little friend is bracing for Nathan's wrath. Indeed, it's just that Nathan is trying to smile intently while showing off his "Lasso" (aka the drawstring from a pair of pants, that Nathan said.. "what's this?" and yanked it.... pulling it out) An older pic, (notice the Michael Jackson glove). A fun afternoon on the slip'n'slide turned into let's see how many buckets of water Skoopi can drink before she barfs. Make your guess in the comments section and I'll totally give you a prize if your right. Nathan all decked out for a day at the beach. Beach chair on his back, sunglasses and a character lunchbox that I swore I'd never buy because I hate all that character junk.... but my children, they are wearing me down. My latest Amy Tangerine inspired creation. This one is being shipped off to a friend who could use a bit of love!And my friend TK who is awesome, arranged for about 300 of her closest friends (and I'm not kidding, she is that popular and that awesome) to go to the Circus when it was in town. Here is Mr. Man and AK watching some high wire type act. It was my first trip to the circus!


laura said...

ok, that shirt totally rocks! i am so impressed!

ok, did your poor skoopi actually throw up?? poor baby - so let me guess, 7 buckets. ;)

jai said...

I am estimating based on the assumption that Skoopi can hold more water than I can...

3 buckets. No...4. No! 3. No...8!

(Where's my prize?)