Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things that make me happy....

1.) Photo's that are worth keeping for blackmail purposes! Also for times to act ridiculously silly. These are the ladies that I love, that I worked with at church working with/for the Youth. I truly have learned something amazing from each and everyone of them.
2. Happy kids, the beach, and floppy hats... love them all. These were taken at our beach day with Laura and Carrie . Both of them are fabulously hip intellectual mommas! And we went to the beach at the The Montage, quite possibly the best kept secret in the OC. It's gorgeous!

3. These little Playmobil people. I played with these as a kid. I saw this vintage set on ebay, and loved the Playmobil buggy, aren't they adorable? I'm not sure why, but these little "guys" make me really happy. I love to play with them with the kids. Check out the gal in the white pants & blue vest, I think she looks like me.
4. Gorgeous fresh flowers, sent by my client on a day when I really needed a pick me up!
5. Mr. Man.... who is positively nuts, I tell ya, to put up with me. I have been less than lovely to him this past weekend as I continue to live in my crumpled box. No wonder he looks pained in all our pictures (or maybe it's just this one, and the fact the sun is glaring right on him, you decide)


laura said...

you are too kind - it was so great to see you, and you didn't seem like you were in a crumpled box at all! :) cute pictures!

jack and sarah were sure happy to play with the little Qs today! :)

jai said...

She DOES look like you! Pith helmet and everything!