Sunday, November 11, 2007


If you've visited my house, you may have noticed the collage of photos in my hallway. I LOVE vintage photos, and I love using photos as a way of telling history. If you stop and look at my photo wall, I think you get a sense of who we are as a family. You see our roots, our history, and the significant events that impacted our lives.

I have been wanting to add this photo to the wall for years. It has been missing, and I finally found it. That's me, age 12.... and yes, I'm standing where you think I am.

I stood at the podium and spoke in the same place presidents have spoken and informed the media of historical events. Truly one of those once in a lifetime experiences. This was all part of a crazy behind the scenes tour of the white house we went on late one evening, while the president was away. A tour, few civilians get to take. At the time I was naively unaware of how unique of an opportunity it was. However, looking back this was one of the 10 most amazing experiences of my life.

I'm so grateful to find this picture, and now it goes up on my photo wall! And along with this pic, I found a bunch of old good ones. I'll share on a Way Back Wednesday!


laura said...

look how CUTE and STUDIOUS looking little wendy is!! ;)

everyone loved your tags! :) see you soon!

stacy said...

I am more excited about my trip now than I was five minutes ago. I'm guessing I won't get to take a cool picture like that. Maybe if I explain I need one to add to my history wall... Oh wait, I don't have one. I need to see yours. It sounds like what I want to do in the upstairs hallway and just have never gotten around to doing it! Oh, and you're super cute in the picture!

Anonymous said...

How is it that you look exactly the same?????