Thursday, November 01, 2007


Mr. Boy was a light saber toting giraffe, until about noon on Halloween, then decided he wanted to be Superman. AK was a blue monster. Here we are getting ready to go to the Neighborhood Halloween Party. I love this pic! I also love the big old trees that line this street. It's one of the things I love most about this neighborhood. Also, on Halloween it's fun to visit the neighbors and say hello.
We met up with our friend the Batemans. Everytime we are together, these guys are holding hands and sneaking off for some one on one time. And I'm NOT kidding. You have to watch them! At her brothers birthday party I saw them running hand in hand to have some time alone under the pergola. It's very cute. I firmly believe in arranged marriages for my children, however now, I'm thinking I'm going to have to let go. And maybe, it's slightly possible, I can't control everything in my childrens lives. Thank goodness at the age of four, Mr. Boy is picking to have relationships with good people, because this girl is a gem! We went and visited Elvis. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get a good pic of him again this year. But, seriously, Elvis is alive and well in lives in my neighborhood. He always says to AK, "see you in the movies, kid". At every door, AK would stand there and hold out her bucket, get candy, look in the bucket, and then hold it back up and say "more please". People said 9 times out of 10, "Oh you are so cute, here is some more". And AK would walk away with a smirk. That girl is wicked smart, and she ended up with twice as much candy as her brother.

And here are the kids checking out their loot.


laura said...

that pic with the kids and mr. man is too cute for words! :) looks like you guys had a great halloween! love nathan's little friend. :)

Davis Family said...

so i did your city thing and it was awesome. i came up as rome. perfect for me becuase i lived in italy for 2 years.

Beth said...

I love the behind shots- so cute!