Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first Car...

Her name was Louwanda. I was three years old when I went with my dad to buy her. A beautiful Buick Skylark, with the optional luggage rack, and fancy hubcaps. My brother passed Louwanda on to me, and she died a tragic death three weeks after I got my license. (Faulty Oil Pump)I learned to drive in this car, when I was 12. And I fondly remember all the trips to the beach in this car with my brothers and I elbowing each other for more space in the backseat. And this is Cinders. The family cat with gorgeous green eyes, and a long black tail. He was a big cat, one that always made the vet nervous. Age is unknown on this cat, but he lived roughly 17-19 years. No small feat for an indoor, outdoor cat. He had a big personality, but was not a snuggler unless you were sick. When I was 7, and very ill, he spent days with me curled at my feet.

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christina said...

Nice kitty. Fun car rides, fighting with brothers.

Totally not to worry about noise in the library the librarian does enough about that for everyone. If the kids are loud, out they go. The rules are similar to church.