Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good News Day!!

About a month ago, I sat on an exam table at the doctor's office and heard the familiar sound of someone in a white coat and scrubs saying, "hmmm.... ok... let's run some tests." I do not think there is a phrase I hate more, especially when prefaced with the "hmmm". I'm still tired and sore from the last surgery, when the doctor explained that I potentially could be going back in for more very invasive surgery, for a completely unrelated problem. I kid you not... My brain exploded about 15 minutes later..... Right there at Valet Parking outside Hoag Hospital. The last month I have prayed, mediatated, yoga'd, and listened intently to my body, encouraging it to heal itself. Today, I got the good news, problem resolved on it's own. Phew!! No more surgery.

My parents came today to help out and babysit while I spent time at the doc, the vet, and the dreaded parent teacher conference.

Other good news, Mr. Boy's parent teacher conference was fantastic. Academically, Nathan is off the charts. In other areas Mr. Boy has shown remarkable improvement and is doing really well. His teacher this year, is just AMAZING. She is so dialed into Mr. Boy, his personality, his strengths, and weaknesses.
Then Sandy, our first child, spent , the day at the vet for her annual checkup. She turns 11 in less than two weeks. The vet was once again blown away by her energy, her spunk, and her manipulative behavior. She is always surprised to see Sandy falls under the Senior category. Ross and I are sadly aware that Sandy is in the "sunset" of her life, especially in the mornings where it takes her 2-3 tries to get out of bed. To hear the vet praise her energy, and vitality gives us hope that we have lots more days of coming home to find her bouncing on her front paws acting like we have been gone for ages. Then a sneak peek for my buddies who are all headed to Phoenix for a rocking girls weekend. I am totally bummed I won't be able to join them. These girls are serious scrapbookers (i.e. award winning). I decided to join a Christmas Tag Swap, and why they let me join their swap, I do not know. I finally finished the tags, and they are heading to Phoenix on Friday. These tags, are ridiculously simple, but costs a small fortune. I bought every potential Christmas product on the market thinking I would use that. Then, I decided on my design, consulted Steph for moral support, and finished them. Ran out of the cute snowflakes, and they were sold out everywhere! So, at the last minute, had to substute.
It'll be fun to see what the others did for tags, I'm sure they will be mini works of art. Thank goodness for Target being so on the top of having their Christmas stuff out before Halloween, because the packaging is a dollar spot find!
Speaking of Christmas, I'm determined to have my shopping done early. Last year was a disaster for me shopping wise. So here's a challenge.... Post your 5 favorite things right now. Hoping to steal some gift ideas for your favorite things.


Anonymous said...

I buy those same cookies.
I buy that same shower curtain.
I don't have that tool.
I wish I had that boy sitting in front of my fridge.
I adore your doggies. Mo does too.
You suck because those tags are too damn cute.

Beth said...

Packaging? I have to package these tags? Criminy- I didn't think of that. Now you've set the bar for me, Wendy...

I'll have to try those cookies. Or maybe not, if they're that addictive. :P

OK- the kid is cute, but the doggies melt my heart!

laura said...

ohmigod - those tags are soooo cute. your rock the tag making... maybe i will deny ever receiving them from you. hmmmm... :P

SO happy about your good news. :)

and give your pup a big hug. i took mine for a ride in the car today. she was so happy. we don't do it much anymore because i am so afraid she'll aggravate her injuries in the car. (((hugs))) i know just how you feel.