Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is quite possibly my most favorite day of the year. I love the excitement and anticipitation of the day. We spent Christmas Eve at Uncle Mike & Aunt Debs. We read Luke 2, while the kids and I sat under the piano. Then just for kicks we had a pinata. AK is a darling. She looks so teeny tiny trying to hit the pinata.
The kids wearing their matchy matchy pajamas, in front of the tree. Mr. Man reads the Cajun Night before Christmas to the kids.
Then the kids are whisked off to bed, and the elves get to work. We did lots of Playmobil, and totally underestimated the set up. The pirate ship took 90 minutes to put together!!


Molove said...

What adorable little elves. I'm so touched by the picture of Mr. Man reading to the kids. Very sweet. Almost as sweet as your hominy.

P.S. Your gift tags were a huge hit. I got several comments about how cute they are. I so agreeeeeee.

christina said...

gift tags, tell me more.

I love christmas eve, and your way would be exactly my way if christmas was Mine.