Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Company Shindig...

So, I got all fancy to go to Mr. Man's fancy holiday party. I even wore a bit of make up. Mr. Man... he looks THRILLED I tell ya to be taking this pic. What you don't know is this the 11th and final shot we took... Seriously, it's easier for me to wrangle the wee ones into smiling for the camera than it is to get this guy to smile on cue. We take, or should I say attempt a family pic every few months. He is the one staring off into space or looking down at a shiny spec on the ground when we finally are able to get everyone else to smile... but I didn't come here to whine about Mr. Man's inability to cooperate in pictures...

We had a lovely time, swanky club in Hollywood. The food was well.. ahem.. not my favorite part. However, the people were fun. Mr. Man has worked there a while, it's interesting to see him work the room. "Mr. Fancy Working Man" is definitely not the "Mr. Man" I live with. He's a lot more animated, and get this... he speaks without grunting or even without being spoken to first. IT'S AMAZING.


The second holiday party we went to for this company, I stood with my jaw on the floor the entire evening. On the way home, Mr. Man said... "you are too quiet" and I was just too flabberghasted to speak in complete sentences... "you spoke... you know.. initiated conversations, your colleagues think you are funny.... they have "Mr. Man-isms... you are the "cool guy" to work with". I was disturbed for days... mostly because back then, we hung out with my friends and their spouses, not a lot of people knew Mr. Man without knowing me first. And well.. I might talk too much, and Mr. Man could never get a word in.

Anyway.. back to the fancy shindig... I was way overdressed, apparently these things are getting more casual. There were a few of us wives that didn't get that memo. Mr. Man kept his suit jacket and tie on the whole night so I wouldn't feel like the only one overdressed.

And since this fancy shindig was a ways away, we got to chat on the way up. Guess what subject Mr. Man brought up... ahem.. brace yourself people. This blog! WHAT? I know! I warned you to brace yourself. I printed off his birthday letter, so it's peaked his interest. In fact, being the techno-geek that I adore, he was like..."Yeah, maybe we should get you your own domain, and I could develop an interface for you" (In my head... huh... I'll have to remember those terms and ask one of the guys at the party tonight to break that down into terms I can understand) Maybe.... I'll have to get more serious about this blog thing knowing, that now it's not just me spouting off into those vast world wide interwebs. Now my audience might include Mr. Man. Ooooo that means I'll have to behave... well shoot that's no fun.


Beth said...

I think it's a great photo! Sean is the exact same way with picture taking, so I can relate. :)

Glad you had fun at the shindig!

Carly said...

Wendy- you look beautiful. I am a little bummed. Lately- you talk of a Ross I don't think that I have met, I should like to meet this man again. :-)