Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Skoopix...

Yes... another letter to our dog... go ahead and roll your eyes at me.

Dear Skoopix or more commonly known as Skoopi,

On the occasion of your 8th birthday, I write you a little note. You got the short end of the doggie stick in life. You were the second dog... commonly known as "Sandy's pet". You came to this house knowing you would never be "Top Dog" here as long as Sandy was around.

We felt like Sandy was lonely, and needed a pal, so we scoured around for you looking for just the right dog. We went to this sweet little family who had breed puppies as a family project. We met your mom, who loved you and nudged you to "Go Play" with the others. You walked right over to Mr. Man, and settled in his legs for a slumber. Well, that was it.... you picked us. We took you home that night, and your mama's human sobbed as she said goodbye to you.
Oh, your tummy was so soft, like velvet when you were a puppy! Our friends came over that night to meet you, everyone loved to hold you. You would sit down and throw back your head and howl this pitiful.. "RoooRoooRoooooooo" sound when you were being ignored by Sandy or us. You still do it on occasion and it makes me laugh. Sandy could not STAND you the first week. Everytime you touched her, she would scowl and run away. Your lovable and resillent nature just kept trying to get her to accept you, and she did once she realized you'd share your food with her, and your food was much tastier.
Your name.... is ridiculously unique, a daily reminder of our good friend Booboo and her husband. We spent New Years Eve with them and were discussing what we would name our first children, and the men were getting a bit punchy... Mr. Man said.. "Schnaug.. that's a good name for a first born son".... and everyone laughed and laughed (maybe we were all a bit punchy....) then asked how you would spell that.. Mr. Man said "S-k-o-o-p-x, the koopx is silent.. and the Naug is invisible. " For whatever reason, that was just HILARIOUS. Out of that came your name Skoopix. However, though your name is ridiculous, Skoopi fits you well.

Skoopi, you remind me a bit of Forrest Gump.... loveable, obedient, and incredibly loyal, however you have not been blessed with a high brain capacity. For what you lack in mental power, is more than made up in the love you expel. Sandy loves and worships Mr. Man... you, however, are ALWAYS by my side. You are MY dog. You have never tested me like Sandy has. When I went away on my first business trip, you were so beside yourself you ate the Christmas Tree and a giant hole in the couch. You are always sitting there by me and when my hand falls to my side, you gently nudge it looking for some rubs and scratches. You crave physical touch, and can not stand being on a "stay". Your whole body shakes just waiting for that moment you can be released and go back to nuzzling.
We fear what it will be like for you to lose your pal Sandy. You are best friends... you started sharing the same bed this year, and you are rarely out of each other's sight. Sandy gets you into all sorts of mischeif, and you copy her bad behavior. Sandy jumps on guests, even with failing hips, and years of training, she jumps. You join in the jumpfest. If Sandy misses the guests arrival, you quietly stand beside me sniffing the air in the direction of our guests to see if they are interesting.

Skoopi, you are so loved and such an integral part of this family, I can not imagine life without your nose nuzzling me throughout the day. On your birthday, I am grateful for the silent loyal companion who has loved me unconditionally each and every day of their life.

With Love,
Your favorite human on the planet and that other guy (aka....Mr. Man)

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laura said...

awwww ... sniff, sniff. what a lovely tribute. i love your dogs! :) happy belated bday skoopi!