Monday, December 03, 2007

Belated Letter to Mr. Man...

Sandy & Mr. Man have the same birthday... as a joke I did a letter to Sandy instead, and his birthday wish was a P.S. Apparently, no one found that humorous, and I got tons of flack for that. Here is Mr. Man's birthday letter, which I will have to manually print out and put it on his desk, because he is oblivious to my obsession of blogging or the fact that I have a blog.

Dear Mr. Man,
On the occasion of your birthday, I have the opportunity to sit and reflect on your greatness. Recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on our early years, when I was a young bride. I am still amazed you chose me to spend your life with. I was young... and you still chose me. You took a chance on me. You had the foresight to see the potential that I had not discovered yet. You have exhibited patience beyond belief during our time together.
Not everyone gets to see the Mr. Man I know. People didn't get to see the man who lovingly cared for his dad. Most people don't get to hear his wisecracks or the witty comments that have me belly laughing daily. People also didn't see the man who sat with me in the hospital and held my hand and gently reminded me to keep breathing, when I couldn't remember to do it on my own.
You are an amazing person. Brilliant in every way. You are a passionate, passionate man, as our old pal Mr. Birchum would say. You are passionate about the things you enjoy in life. You have a high standard of morals, and you unflinchingly stand up for what you believe. You are also very tolerant of others, and of differences. You have taught me to be more tolerant.
Fatherhood was something you always wanted, and it came so naturally to you. Your faith never waivered during the adoption process. You were and are a pillar of strength that I lean on. Your patience with the children is inspiring. You are an exemplary father and a great provider for our family.
I was asked recently about how I knew you were the one for me. You were strangely familiar, and I was a better person with you than without you. You keep me calm, and remind me to be mellow... more easy going, that is no small task in and of itself.
Bottom line... I love you.

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stacy said...

Sweet. Happy Belated Birthday Ross. I hope to belly laugh at your wit someday.