Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Present....

Just some shots from around the house... The Tree

And the two pairs of legs that are constantly sticking out from under the bottom of the tree. Remember laying under the tree when you were little? Nathan loves sleeping under the tree, I'm thinking it will be a St. Lucia tradition in our house is to sleep under the tree. The lights on our house.... Mr. Man came up with the sweet swag design. The sentimental decorations. On the right is a statue that Mr.Man just HAD to have when he was little. In the middle is the first Nativity that Mr. Man gave me that first humble Christmas. On the far left is a candleholder that I had growing up.

The Christmas Cards in process.

And the dog who has laid at my feet during the whole Christmas Card assembling process. When I work I throw my trash on the floor... then clean up at the end. Sandy always loves to lay on my pile of trash.

And phew... done and mailed!!


laura said...

those pics of the kids and the tree are so cute! :)

Beth said...

Love the picture of the little legs under the tree- too cute! But even better is the dog on the trash- so typical! :)

Molove said...

You guys are in full Christmas mode. I loved that picture of you in the paper. I think you were making an adorable face. And don't EVEN get me started on those red boots.