Monday, May 12, 2008

Channeling your inner Michael Jackson aka Mother's Day Weekend

It was the annual Father & Son's campout on Friday. Mr. Boy spent the entire week counting down the days to this. Friday morning, I woke up to Mr. Boy sitting on the bed mostly dressed and holding out two shirts. "Do I wear short or long sleeves for camping?" He hasn't done that since sports camp last summer, where he woke me up my tapping me with the sunblock bottle. We are wussy parents, so camping means.... you come home at midnight to sleep in your own bed.Mr. Man was busy slaving away on the house all weekend, so I told the kiddos it was time to for them to earn their supper. One of the big benefits of the new washer, other than it's better than television, they can load the washing machine themselves. Then on Mother's Day, I was awoken late in the morning by the smell of a Creole Breakfast. Mr. Man duped me into matrimony with his fabulous Creole cooking that all but disappeared after I said "I do", redeemed himself by making a breakfast that was too die for! He even took a moment to pose for a classic Mr. Man picture.... (psst... Stacey & Jen... notice the organic Cage Free Egg containers in the background)
Mr. Boy was so excited for Mother's Day, mostly because the kids gave me MarioKart for the Wii, which rocks! Mr. Boy in the spirit of giving decided to get ready for church all by himself. Yes, that's a purple glove on one hand only. Every Sunday I beg for Mr. Boy to wear a dorky sweater vest. He says no, and wears a tie instead. This Sunday, he decided as a special treat he would wear the sweater vest, with one glove, and no shirt underneath.

Even better, he performed Mother's Day songs in front of the whole congregation during church services. All the other kids were wearing dorky church clothes that had sleeves and no glove... Mr. Boy however, sang his little heart out wearing an outfit that is a not so subtle nod to Michael Jackson during his heyday. It was an awesome Mother's Day.


laura said...

you are on a roll tonight!

i am diggin' the glove! :)

Cimblog (tm) said... boy is almost as hot as mr. man!

stacy said...

I have to say that I commented to Ryan about Nathan's outfit. I'm glad I got the Michael Jackson inspiration correct. I LOVED his look. Also, the little chickens don't need to be named and cage free to lay good eggs. Particularly if it's going to be fried, scrambled and/or eaten with bacon. I don't care if the cow has a name either :-). I will be sure to pass this info on to Jenn. She will be so proud.