Monday, May 19, 2008

This friend of mine...

Knows how to throw a party! This is my pal Cinnamon, yes, that's her real name, and no... she is NOT in that line of work. She also goes by the name of Aunt Cin-in-o-min-o-min-a-mon to my kids. For her Birthday, we had a little girls night out at.... Disneyland! The castle is behind us, but you're gonna have to really squint to see it.

I got home somewhere around 1 AM, and then woke up the next morning with a pounding headache right at my jawline from laughing so much the evening before. The other people in our group were actual Disney Corporate people, so we had the sweet hookup for the evening.... which meant riding the teacups multiple times! MY FAVORITE! Cinnamon, has been an AWESOME friend who has known me since I was young and dumb. She's been one of the people who has held my hand and said.. "Look, you know I love you... but you, my friend, are being *insert: reckless, dumb, foolish, or stubborn*" She has also held my hand and said... "I'm a little concerned..... " For the above things I am grateful. I'm still a little bitter that when I call her on a tirade about Mr. Man... she usually says... "Uh.. Wendy... maybe don't you think that Mr. Man has a point...maybe.. just a little bit.. on this subject?" And then she usually endures an expletive filled tirade that accuses her of being biased and unloyal. She just waits patiently until I'm done, or will calmly tell me to call someone else. She's a good friend like that.
On another note.... Happy Birthday to my dear friend Bob, who I love and adore for so many reasons, one being that she is just like a real life Barbie! Another being... that she is awesome.... and she get's really giggly after midnight.
Also... it's too dang hot. Note to self... must buy new house with a big pool ASAP

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Cimblog (tm) said...

Dude...that night rocked. I'm SURE the "headache" was from "laughing"... that's the story I'll tell if you want.