Thursday, May 29, 2008

Staycation Part Deux: The Home Improvement Project

"It should just take an hour or so" are the words that should NEVER be uttered for a home improvement project. It means that the project will take more than an hour or so, and will suck up every spare minute of the next four days... First we got a dumpster, and got rid of a bunch of junk. I tried desperately to get a picture of Mr. Man doing his best Karate Chop Kicks on these boards to break them, but failed miserably. I was such a good and loyal wife hiding behind the car with my camera in hand trying to capture it, instead of pitching in to help.Once all that was cleared, we worked on the deck. That was supposed to be an hour or so, but it took a full two days, plus a bit on Monday. Thank goodness we have these kids, because we put them to work!
These are Mr. Boy's favorite pants of all time. He has had them since he was 1, and wears them all the time. Now they are man-pri's, but he still loves them. Also, he has decided he doesn't want to wear shirts anymore.
When the kids couldn't help with the deck, I had to figure out how to keep them entertained. I got a little desperate...
We tried out new hairstyles, this one was designed by Mr. Boy especially for AK. There are 6 bows in her hair. (Note, the fancy vanilla colored walls... so fancy..... "You like... You buy!" Name the movie reference)
Then I had this brilliant idea to set up a movie party in the den. Most people think it's cool to watch movies on a really big TV, but in our house the novelty is watching it on the hard floor on a tiny 15 inch screen.
I bet you all are just salivating for Part Three! Stay tuned!

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