Friday, May 30, 2008

Staycation: The final chapter

We did lots of fun things that I didn't capture on film... such as swimming, grilling up some Organic Buffalo Burgers, making grilled pizza with the kids, and hanging out with some dear friends. We really tried to make sure that we did things out of the ordinary, laptops were stashed away and laundry was left for when "we got back".

On Monday night, we went to learn how donuts are made by hitting Krispy Kreme. We aren't big doughnut people, but the kids thought this was awesome! When the Hot Doughnut light is on, you can watch the donuts being made. The kids especially loved the icing waterfall.
We let each kid pick out their own doughnut, and regretted it... AK stayed up until midnight, running around like some kid doped up on sugar.
Mr. Boy however has ingested way more sugar than AK, and has built up a tolerance to the stuff. We all know I treat the world as though it is strictly for my very own personal entertainment. Mr. Man walked around ALL day with this piece of twine hanging out of his back pocket. It looked like a tail, and I don't think I pointed it out until the evening. At that point he left it on, and would shake it at me. It made me laugh so hard at Krispy Kreme, I snorted... which is always so mortifying. We knew our Staycation was a success, when we walked in and found this:

Mr. Boy has been sleeping on the floor for months now, and AK curled up next to him. It's all about bringing us closer together, spending some time doing things together, and breaking out of the daily routine. Mission Accomplished.


Davis Family said...

looks like you guys have been having fun! You must be exhausted at the end of such a week! Thanks for the b-day card!

laura said...

that tail is perfect - and i really love that we have a visual of it... because it just wasn't pictured quite like that in my mind. LOL!!

isn't the assembly line a KK cool? :)