Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And now you are five...

Dear Mr. Boy,

The last week of school they had a birthday party for the summer birthdays, at this time you came to the realization that your birthday was approaching. We started the countdown at 31 days, and in true Mr. Boy style that would not suffice. You said you wanted it to be sooner, so I told you, "fine, 30 days" and we worked in an extra day somehow. You have grown exponentially this year, not so much in size and stature, but in personality and intelligence. You have asked the question "Why?" at least 3 million times this year, and that is not an exaggeration. I logged how many questions you asked me in one day in April, and the total came to a whopping 412. "Why are frog legs lean and not fat?" is just an example of the questions posed on that day. That is another thing, currently you are obsessed with the concept of fat vs. lean. It has lead to some mortifying hushed conversations about good manners in public places. This year you discovered Superheros and have decided that you were born with secret powers waiting to be discovered. You often ponder what your superpower might be and were delighted to discover that my superpower is that I can see everything you do, even around corners or with my back turned.
We crack up daily at the comments you make. You are wicked funny and there is nothing we love to hear more than you giggle. We love playing with you, because you have a great imagination. You have fun wherever you are, and we hope you never lose that trait. Your joy is contagious! You are also constantly thinking and pondering the concepts of the world. We have learned a lot by constantly looking up answers to your deep questions. We are excited for you to attend Kindergarten to feed that inquisitive mind.
You started attending a sports class this year, which has been a broad introduction to sports. According to the coach, "You kick the snot out of a soccer ball..." which is a nod to the biological abilities you were blessed with, that your father and I could not provide.
A few days ago, AK got hurt. You ran up to me and shouted, "Do something, I can't stand it!" I simply was not fixing her fast enough. There is a deeply compassionate side to you, that wants to help people feel good. You talked to AK in the car telling her all the things that would help her. "How about a Tigger Ice Pack?" "We can watch Mary Poppins after you get a band aid..." What you don't know, my sweet boy, is that this helped me stay calm as I nervously assessed the situation. We make a good team.
On the anniversary of your birth, your father and I can't help but think back to the day of your birth and the courageous woman who chose us to be your parents. You are so loved, not just by us, but there is a whole biological set of family members who are cheering for you to do great things in your life. You are so lucky to have this giant support team, I hope you never forget that. Also, we pause to give thanks for your birthmom who we love and are grateful for in such an indescribable way.

You had the best preschool teacher this year, who loved your ringleader personality and encouraged you to try harder. You are turning into a little miniature version of your mom. Stubborn (although Daddy is too), strong willed, high strung, and you like to be in control. If you do not get your way, you will push, negotiate, or come up with a compromise until you get your way. This is very hard as a parent, however it is a trait we don't want to squash. Much of this year has been trying to figure out how to gently guide and rein you in, without breaking your spirit. Your dad and I have spent many hours coming up with gameplans to try and figure out the best way to do that. You are a BIG BIG spirit in a small body, and we love that about you.
You will go far in life as long as you remember to play nice and keep your hands to yourself.

May your fifth year be your best year yet and live up to the your high expectations.

We love you!

Mom & Dad


Tammy said...

good grief wendy...that was so beautiful, it made me cry. i need you to write letters to my kids from me!

stacy said...

Crap, you made me cry. Don't you know I'm a hormonal wreck right now anyway? I am boycotting your blog until my baby comes. Either that or until I know there's a less emotional post on top.