Thursday, July 24, 2008

Le Petit's Playdate

I know, I know, I post nonstop about my love for the Ya Ya's, but if you knew them or paused to think about the Ya Ya's in your life, you'd understand. I have many non-Ya Ya friends who I love dearly. There is something wonderfully comforting being with people who know you almost better than you know yourself. Today the Ya Ya's and Petit Ya Ya's sans Booboo & her bunch and one of Steph's petits got together. (We missed you dearly Booboo!!) Here is the Petit's. I think they had fun, but I'm not sure because we mostly sat around threw food and drinks their way while we chatted... I wish we did this daily and we lived in a large commune with a communal backyard....and we had loads of money for fabulous shoes...a pool.. housekeepers... and a handsome cabana boy...

Also, totally random but Cheez-it's seemed to be the snack of choice and we taste tested 3 different kinds. Reduced Fat Cheez-it's were a big thumbs down when compared to the others. I know that AK doesn't have a sister, but I pray she finds some Ya Ya's to help guide her through this world. The Ya Ya's are the sisters I never had. Even better, since I got to choose them, we don't get to choose our siblings.And Sandy the hairless wonder loved every minute as she watched over the wee ones. She reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan. She insisted on laying right by all the action. It is especially sweet to see her looks so peaceful. There is a sense of foreboding surrounding Sandy over the last two weeks as her body struggles to keep up with her exuberant spirit. I cannot describe how much my heart aches because of this dog. Good thoughts are appreciated.


Brooke said...

AH! Looks so fun - I'm really sad I missed it. We'll have to have a repeat when I'm out there in August. Sans the Cheez-its (I'm pretty sure those are gross in any form!!)

Cimblog (tm) said...

um, as a non-Ya-ya...I resent this post.

(okay, I'm joking....mostly....)


um, what's up with Sandy???!!!

[-O]Jai said...

Much love and good thoughts directed to Sandy The Hairless Wonder.

(I met Sandy once, you know. Do you remember? That was sooooo many years ago.)