Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello again, my friend...

My favorite Barbie-look-a-like friend, Bob is in town. I LOVE her, and she's known me since the dawn of time. She is a good friend and brought along her three boys to play with Mr. Boy on his new waterslide.... which has been a huge hit! I took a bunch of pictures of the kids playing, but they pretty much all look like this. And this... I could post a hundred more of those shots, so fun, but I'll spare you. Mr. Boy is in heaven with three "almost brothers" to play with. Then, because Bob is awesome she also brought along her little girl, who is AK's age. Once these guys warmed up to each other, they were best pals.
And Bob is such a good friend, she even indulged me in a little Rock Band. Everyone got into it, which is what I love about Rock Band, it's great for a group. I totally think we should hit the road with our band. Check me out as I rock the vocals on a fake mic. I think my previous rock band experience* really shows.
Bob Rocks! I miss having her close by. It was such a fun day, and if you all would send me a million dollars then I could buy Bob a house next door and she could move back here. Thanks in advance... and yes paypal is fine!

*In my wild college days I was in an almost fabulous band.... I had a stage name, wore skimpy outfits, and played the tambourine.


Brooke said...

Wish I could be there - looks so fun! Who's taking the pictures and where was Stef??

Stephanie said...

Hi, I know "Bob" and was wondering if you could tell her hi for me. I miss her too and think about her often. Does she have a blog or something??
Thanks so much!
Stephanie in Costa Mesa

Kerry said...

Oh why didn't they have those super cool backyard things when we were kids!?!? That thing is awesome!!!!

Love the pictures of your inner rock star! haha!