Monday, July 07, 2008

The Fourth of July

The week started out fabulous... Mr. Man took a good portion of the week off.... we BBQ'd, played Rock Band, played outside, played Rock Band, Swam, played Rock Band, had water fights, and stayed up way to late playing Rock Band. Did I mention that we played Rock Band?

So here we are on the morning of the Fourth of July. We were on our way to the pancake breakfast. All is well, except for the matching bandaids covering a skinned knee on each child. No big deal, a band aid makes it all better. Mr. Boy got a new fancy watergun for the water fight that takes place every year after breakfast. We hung out and swam at a friends house, and at some point Mr. Boy was complaining his eye hurt. By that evening his cheek was swollen and very red. The next morning he woke up with that nice large red mark. It's really odd, and we are currently taking bets on what happened? Oh, and the elbow happened on Sunday night while on a walk around the neighborhood. He slipped while splashing in the gutter and scraped his elbow and bruised a few ribs. I meanwhile had a heart attack as I watched my beloved first born splash and then fall face first into the hazardous waste filled gutter. I took him home and scrubbed down in our portable HazMat station. That has just been the BEST investment for our family! On Saturday evening I took the kids to the park (mainly because I wanted to finish reading my book!) and the kids played. I looked up to see the kids happily playing and to watch AK fall HARD right into the playground equipment. I did not faint, which is a small miracle considering the amount of blood. She did quite a number on her lip and believe it or not, that is her smiling for the camera. Poor girl!! She's on a soft foods diet as she knocked a few teeth loose and a steady stream of Otter Pops to reduce the swelling. Considering she only eats applesauce, yogurt, popsicles, and bananas, this new diet doesn't seem to be different than any other day.
Our goal for the week... stay out of the ER. It's a lofty one, but I picked up a few of these handy bubbles for the kids on eBay, so that should help.

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Cimblog (tm) said...

I vote for....bee sting.