Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Party Party

Last year we let the kiddos plan their own party, which was awesome. We had 14 varieties of paper goods. This year Mr. Boy wanted to plan his party again, so we told him to stick to one theme. He picked Dinosaurs and then got so into it he proceeded to plan his party themes for the next 15 years.

Mr. Boy wanted a dinosaur cake and cupcakes. He came up with the idea of a volcano and suggested using a sugar cone, which was sheer brillance. (I'm glad to see my genius is rubbing off on him)
We were the "Guides" for the party. Mr. Man was Mr. Party-man, he put on the hat without having to ask and ran the party. I just played with the kiddos. Mr. Man set up this game that the kids loved, essentially like sword fighting on a balance beam, it was a HUGE hit!
Mr. Boy lead a giant water gun fight.
The T-Rex pinata was requested by Mr. Boy. I loved his candy catching strategy.

I told the kids to "Old McDonald" instead of "Happy Birthday" due to some copyright complications. The kids cracked up and I am a comedic genius when my audience is ten 5 year olds. For the past few years, we do a giant party with the neighborhood, friends, cake and ice cream. No gifts. This year, Mr. Boy begged for a REAL party with only his friends, no parents, and "lotsa gifts". I relented, even though I hoped he would forget. He didn't and we practiced for seven days straight how to open gifts politely and gratefully. He did so great. I think this picture sums up the party, he's wet, covered in frosting, happy, and is dying to go play with her friends.Ah yes, good times in deed. Now time for AK's party!


Cimblog (tm) said...

Sorry I couldn't be there...but the good news is that all 4 kittens got adopted! yay!

Brooke said...

Hey - looks really fun. What is Pioneer D???