Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is my Daddy, who today turns 75! I took the kids to spend the weekend at their house to celebrate. We played the piano... Played hide and seek... (my dad is really good at hiding, and the kids gave up... while my dad patiently stood inside a closet waiting for 30 minutes until someone went in there)
Had Puppet Shows...

We jumped on the bed.....
And slept all together in a bed that Mr. Boy said was just like sleeping in a Marshmallow. My parents believe in down everything... down comforters, down featherbeds, making the beds sinfully fluffy.
And we took my Dad out for Ice Cream, and had the whole place sing to him. I've never seen him blush before, but he loved it!
I owe my Dad a lot for he taught me that I could be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that I wanted to be when I grew up. He also taught me to be grateful for the everyday freedoms that I enjoy, along with the investment tip of investing where you spend your money. (Such as Nordstroms stock to go along with my Nordstrom's habit)
While on vacation with a friend at the young age of 16, I found a leather jacket that was beautiful and on sale. That night I called my Dad, and said, "Daddy, I found a leather jacket today, and it was gorgeous." My dad told me, "Wendy, if you are going to regret not buying it, just buy it! I trust your taste, and you know good quality". I bought it, and it taught me a lesson to evaluate purchases based on the "Will I regret not buying this?" principal.

Happy Birthday Daddy!! Thanks for everything!


[O]jai said...

Happy bday, Qwendy's daddy!

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