Monday, November 24, 2008

"Eights" Tagged... by Stacy, who I am mad at...

Another dear friend is moving.... this time to Wisconsin. I am not kidding when I say that 95% of my friends have moved away. All of them out of state. It's not my favorite part of my life, and I am always slightly mad at them for a few good months... although I'm still mad at Bob & Booboo and it's been years now. Anyways, Stacy (pictured in the center) is the Momma of Gracie, who Mr. Boy has declared and professed his undying love for. He is adamant that they will marry, and when I showed him on a map where Gracie was moving to. He looked up at me with very sad eyes and bit his quivering lip. Then he looked at the map and said, "Mom, it's going to be okay. We are just going to have to drive there and visit them a lot. They have snowflakes and cheese (my map has cheese and snowflakes on the state of Wisconsin), and Mom, I like BOTH snowflakes and cheese." Stacy, I adore you, however we will opt to fly... I'm afraid I'm just not the roadtrip kind of gal. We will miss you, and I will miss your children who I love very very much. We will see you often especially at Mr. Boy and Gracie's wedding in 2031. Stacy tagged me to do Eights... and I'm doing it even though I'm just a little peeved. Although, it's her husbands job that's forcing the move, so I guess I should be mad at him. Phew, Stacy your off the hook.

8 Shows I Watch:

Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race, Private Practice, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, 30 Rock, Battlestar Gallactica. Can we have a moment of Silence for: Eli Stone & Dirty Sexy Money?
8 restaurants I like to eat at:

Anything Indian, Zankou Chicken (Middle Eastern Food), Anything Mexican (the dive-ier, the better), In-n-Out, Cheesecake Factory (for their Ranch Dressing & Vanilla Bean Cheesecake), Rutabagorz, Tommy Burger, Opah

8 things I did today:

Helped poor Mr. Man who got violently ill in the wee hours of the morning from an overdose of Ice Cream & Junk Food consumed with Mr. Uncle... poor guy's a lightweight!, 2 loads of laundry, talked politely and assertively with my medical insurance company to get them to pay a bill... did not swear or hex them and am very proud of that, shopped alone at a boutique for some Christmas presents, some boring work.... which the details would only excite my nerdy accounting friends, checked my email, read some blogs... which led to this post.

8 things I am looking forward to:

Thanksgiving, Decorating for Christmas, Getting Doll'd up for the Holidays, 8 more days of Mr. Man being home, Seeing Bob and her kids, Disneyland decked out for the Holidays, Seeing a bunch of movies this week, and brushing up on my Guitar Hero Skills.

8 things on my wish list:

A stable economy, A move to New Zealand, or A lovely home in LA, Shoes (duh, of course), Abs of Steel, A live-in assistant, A Farm with Horses and cows (and because Mr. Boy suggested it, and it's brilliant "with a pool, on the beach, but close to the mountains"), A trip to Paris

8 People I am Tagging:

It would be fun if everyone did it, but no pressure. It's the holidays people, and I'm vowing to keep things simple... not getting bogged down in stuff I'm pressured to do, only the stuff I want to do!


Davis Family said...

I've been wanting to try opah - so obviously it's good? it made your top eight.

Brooke said...

Fun to read - sometime after the holidays I'll have to do my own - love that you took the pressure off ;)

laura said...

dude - you watch battlestar gallactica?

i just couldn't get past that! :D

xoxo - thanks for your call today - you are awesome!! love you!!

stacy said...

2031? That's a little long isn't it? Are you one of those people who thinks kids should be out of grad school before they're married? Oh, and on Sunday Jacob said to Gracie, "Newport Beach- wait for me!" Nathan is going to have to work hard to win her affection!

Beth said...

Is Opah the place we went to for Laura's bday a couple years ago? You got the Kobe burger, I think. Tht was a fun place. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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