Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Birthday Experiment

Summer birthdays are hard. Last year most of our buddies were out of town for his party, which was tough. So this year, we did it early, way early! Success! We had sixteen, yes sixteen, kids at his party. Super fun, the more the merrier!I fully believe that my kids are the hosts of their party, so they helped with most of the details. They helped baked the cupcakes (notice Sandy anxiously waiting to be involved too. Don't worry, these were taken when the cupcakes were baking, no finger lickin in my kitchen). Also, Mr. Boy picked out the party goods, menu, bouncehouse, and party favors. Every year my cupcakes look like a toddler frosted them, and even claimed the kids did them. However, the truth is... I did them. I learned a tip from a baker friend... heat the frosting for 15 seconds in the microwave and use an icing spatula.

Mr. Boys party was a Pokemon-Indiana Jones-Star Wars Party. He couldn't settle on one theme, so we embraced them all. My other hot tip, was buy a pinata from the Latin Supermarket ($5) and take a plate from your party, flatten the edges and paste it to the pinata.I planned these elaborate games, and they bombed. The Pokemon-Indiana Jones-Star Wars party pretty quickly turned into a Weapons Party. Everyone got a Light Saber upon entry to the party. It was basically one big Light Saber /Swordfight. Make a wish little one.... if you wished for a successful party... wish granted.


Brooke said...

Love your hot tip on the pinata...genius :) Looks like a ton of fun - and good job involving the kids in the prep work...I'm too lazy for that a lot of the time but I think it's good for them. Wish we could have been there!

Mary said...

The Boy is going to be having a Star Wars party come September. I might have to steal your lightsaber idea.