Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Family Motto

Mr. Man... who we love and adore, who also works very very hard for our family has a small problem. I have jokingly referred to our family motto as, "tout dans l'excès" which translates to "Everything in Excess". Mr. Man is a collector, he loves to have "all of it", whatever "it" might be. Mr. Boy had a gift card to the toy store and has recently discovered the joy of Legos. Who doesn't love Legos!? I spent hours and hours and hours building elaborate scenes with Legos when I was growing up. Shhhh... I still love to play with Legos under the guise of "playing with the kids".
I went to grab some other items and when I got back to the Lego aisle Mr. Man was there with a certain gleam in his eye. Star Wars Legos. It's like the perfect marriage of geek & nerd. Soon Mr. Man was pushing a giant cartful of Legos and telling me how this was something for the whole family. "Legos are great for developing spatial skills, mechanics, and problem solving." Whatever... I know he just spent a small fortune on Legos for him... not so much Mr. Boy. But for the sake of his ego, I just nodded and smiled. And they did build the ships together, which is great. UPDATE: #%(&@# #%*&!# #%*#(%& Star Wars Legos! I cannot tell you how many times those flipping ships break. I have put together the stinking Star Wars ships a thousand times, and my feet are raw from stepping on Lego's pieces or a Lego Light Saber. However, on the upside we have made some cool ships out of the "Lego assortment box" that I picked up.


Brooke said...

Too funny....I was just going to post a pictureo of Michael with his cool Lego Ferris wheel that he built completely on his own...it has a motor and moves :) Now I feel like I'm copying you - great minds think alike though, right?

Cindy said...

Ooo. Legos are my favorite toy. They use their imagination. If it breaks, it's not the end of the world...and if I suck a few up in the vacuum, nobody seems to miss one or two.

stacy said...

Oh my friend. Welcome to my world and thanks for joining me. I am forever stepping on the stupid things and they are always falling off their perch and breaking. On the upside, I love walking into a room and seeing the battle scene RJ set up. You should tell Mr. Man you can get a subscription to the Lego brick builders for like 40.00 a year and you get a lego set every other month. July is star wars. (It's exclusive.)

Mary said...

Yes... I have a very Love/Hate relationship with Legos, too.

Now, Polly Pockets I just plain hate.