Monday, June 22, 2009

Carpe Diem!

On the left is Cinnamon (yes, her real name), I know I've mentioned her before. She is an amazing person, and you know what I love about her? She is game for anything. She has an adventurous spirit. Her "must have on her at all times" list includes a wallet, passport, cell phone and her motorcycle license . For the sole purpose that maybe she'll get a call that says, " Hey, want to go to Ixtapa tomorrow night?" She has actually gotten that very call, and found herself 48 hours later lying by the pool at a resort in Mexico. You know what is on my "must have in my purse at all times" list: wipes, a sippy cup, inhaler, goldfish crackers, two lollipops, bandaids, androgynous change of clothes size 5t, and I could go on and on. *yawn... I just bored myself by typing out that list*
If I got a phone call asking me to go to Mexico, it would take 1,000 phone calls and a logistical miracle to pull it off. I love my family... love being with them... however, they cramp my spontaneity. I was telling Mr. Man about how the term "ball and chain" describes what I feel when it came to being a young mom with an adventurous spirit, and his response, "Carpe Diem, seize the next opportunity when it strikes." So, I packed my bags and went to Paris the next day and never returned. The End. I wish! I didn't go to Paris. However, on Saturday Night I was in the middle of making dinner when Laura (pictured above) of Auntie Laura fame called me. "Hey, I'm going to the Park tonight, come meet me!" (The Park = Disneyland to those who rule the Disney Empire) So I seized the opportunity and went out for the evening. So much fun, I laughed a lot, didn't talk about school woes or tantrums the whole evening. It was a good reminder to say yes more often... take advantage of opportunities and indulge myself in a little self nurturing.

Anyone want to go Ixtapa on Thursday?


Brooke said...


stacy said...

I'll go. Can we detour by Puerto Nuevo for Lobster?

[O] jai said...

Aw, that makes me miss you guys. I'm game for Ixtapa anytime.

Mary said...

Does Jayjay now weigh 13 pounds??? She looks tiny!

Totally jealous about "the park".

EllJayPea said...

Mary -- I have actually gained weight since I "lost" it all. Back on the salad wagon. 15 more pounds to go!
Got my passport with me, though, and will overeat in a foreign country anytime! Let's go!

Laura said...

btw, where's the OTHER photo of us? You know the one -- what happened to THAT one? Too chicken to post it?