Thursday, June 25, 2009

The most hated errand...

I have no idea what it is about the regular grocery store that causes my children to turn into demons. They become these wild animals with a bad case of the "Gimme Gimmes". We tend to shop at the natural food store the majority of the time so I am sure it's the rows of processed junk food with it's clever packaging that causes this wild rampage of naughtiness. Here is Mr. Boy having a tantrum during one of our visits, his arms are crossed and he is pouting, because I wouldn't buy him choco-puffs. I literally dreamed the other night that I was being charged with a crime (that I didn't commit of course.... I must lay off the legal dramas before bed). The judge sentenced me to daily shopping trips to the regualr grocery store with my children instead of jail. I begged and pleaded with the judge to please lock me up and screamed, "Noooooooooo, anything but that!"

The only thing that could be worse than a trip to the grocery store with my kids would be if they were spitting the whole time. That's my other hot button issue... I can NOT stand spitting.

I gotta know... what's your nightmare errand or your "makes me go crazy" button? Certainly I'm not the only one!


Raena Johnson said...

It isn't really an errand and it has more to do with my husband but I HATE Sunday mornings b/c I manage to get myself, and three little ones ready in time but my husband makes us late EVERY week!!!! And I get us all in car and we sit and wait while he checks to make sure the oven is turned off, toaster unplugged - you get my drift . . . he also can't drive fast or in a hurry. I hate being late and every button gets pushed on Sunday mornings. Just don't look over at me in the pew . . . I'm really fuming mad instead of caught up in the spirit.

Mary said...

Look at how adorable he is while he throws a fit! I want him!!