Monday, June 08, 2009

Disneyland Tips & Tricks

I have been requested to post my hints and tips to getting the very best out of every Disney Trip. - Bring a towel, no really, bring a towel. You never know who is going to spill, get cold, or use it as a place saver for the parade and fireworks show.
-Have the kids each pick one thing they want to do that day, and then the mom can choose something new. Do the new thing first.-Get fastpasses at some point for Buzz Lightyear. Trust me.. this will all come together at the end. Oh and hey.. fastpasses don't expire at the end of the hour they allot for them. If it says good from 4-5pm, you can use them anytime after 5pm. Want to score a billion points on Buzz & wow your friends, click here. -Promise your kids at the very end of your pass year, they can buy a souvenir. They can look all they want, but they have to wait until then. Then you aren't locked in to buying something every time.-Pack your own lunch and dinner to take in the park. And drinks for that matter. Oh, but do shell out the $3 bucks for the Pineapple Ice Cream at the Enchanted Tiki Room, because it is OH SO GOOD.
-Remember that towel... it has a purpose. Let's say you want to see the parade. So an hour before the parade or fireworks, you lay that towel down on Main street and a few random bits like you're package of wipes and I always bring a reusable grocery bag and leave it on the towel. I also park my stroller next to the towel. Then... I go do Buzz Lightyear (oh, that's why I had you get fastpasses!) because it's close to Main Street. Then we sit down on the towel and eat dinner. Then we have an impromptu dance party in the street to work out the wiggles and then it's parade time or fireworks time. I've done this almost every time, and only twice had the towel moved. Once when I plopped it down in an emergency exit area, and another time by foreign tourist, who apparently live in a country with a no save-sies rule.
-Also, because my pal Auntie Laura is like the head of Disney or something (btw, she HATES it when I say that, she actually cringes, it's awesome.) She told me that apparently the people who work there, are really there for YOUR PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT. So, I always address them by their name and make request, such as, "Hey there Peter, can you show me your best pirate face?" It entertains the kids. Ok, so actually you're not supposed to do that, but I have and it's funny, most are accommodating. However, you can make special request, if you ask the right people and have good timing. Such as asking if you can meet a certain character during the parade, and you do it an hour before the parade, they will try their best. I've asked for some pretty outrageous things and been shocked at just how accommodating they have been. -Auntie Laura will maim me if I don't add this, please fill out a report if an employee has been extra good to you at City Hall. It takes about 3 minutes to do so (even with a line, it moves fast). You'll need the employee's first name, the time, and location you were helped. This way, Auntie Laura knows who to fire for indulging the neurotic Disney-goers who think they own the place, such as moi ;) -If the tram is super crowded... skip it and walk. Then you'll have less guilt about eating the Pineapple Ice Cream. It's a half a mile to walk to the parking structure, and takes a few minutes. We've walked while friends rode the tram on a crowded night, and beat them by 10 minutes. Post your tips!


stacy said...

I am surprised by how many parents of young children don't know about the switch pass. Scenario: I am holding Benjamin or another child is too small to go on Space Mountain or Star Tours. When Ryan takes the first child through he asks for a switch pass. Then, when he's finished I take the pass and another child and skip the line to ride it. It works fabulously, especially on Toy Story that still has a pretty long line. No more missing out!

Brooke said...

Are you TRYING to make me cry?!! I really miss Disneyland - so, so fun...but really only worth it if you have that resident's only pass - boo hoo!!!

Mary said...


Works every time.

Beth said...

I love that Auntie Laura opens the Emporium on demand... ;)

Raena Johnson said...

I was just there yesterday and already miss having to say goodbye for the rest of the summer. BTW - how do you manage to sneak in lunch AND dinner - I can usually manage one meal with the excuse of baby bottles, etc in the cooler.

Also, the walk (instead of tram) from the Lion King parking lot is Waaaaay shorter, but more people do walk it.

Sit in a back row for the tiki room. First off, the thunder part is more powerful and not to mention, you have a stinkin' backrest.

I've heard (sorry Jenny) that if you tell the parking attendants you have a child that needs to pee really really bad you'll get a prime parking spot. Works sometimes, not all so don't fill up all of your children with water before you go, just one:)