Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just because these are my favorite.

These kids are cracking me up and I don't want to forget these little tidbits.
Such as this boy, whose favorite phrase is "Liar Fire Pants" (which is supposed to be Liar Liar Pants on Fire, but he's a little confused.) He is going through a bossy stage, which makes for tense times. However, this morning he was dictating his desired schedule, and when I told him it was a no go; There would be no helicopter ride followed by nachos served by pirates... he stormed out of the room, and said, "I don't care, just MAKE IT HAPPEN." He is going to make a fabulous celebrity one day, who makes his assistants find impossible items and throw Christian Bale worthy tantrums on movie sets. Then there is this little luv, who is hilarious and talking up a storm. She only eats every three to four days. Sure, she nibbles here and there, pushes her food around on her plate for days and then one meal she'll eat five bowls of cereal. Then she walks around with a ginormous bulging belly for the day. She is going to make an awesome competitive eater one day...*fingers crossed*
Last week as we unloaded the groceries she grabbed 3 baskets of raspberries and snuck off into the backyard to chow them down behind a tree. She inhaled them. Then today at summer camp, I learned that she and a friend ate a giant platter of farm fresh strawberries, intended for the whole class to share. They polished them off before the rest of the kids came to sit down. AK and her swollen tummy jumped off the picnic table and headed off for the swings. Her little accomplice took a few steps and threw up. I can just imagine AK watching her little friend and muttering "Lightweight".


Brooke said...

They crack me up. I love the binge stories :)

Chris said...

Nice, It makes me feel good to read these things.

Mary said...

Start training that girl on hotdogs STAT!!!!