Friday, July 16, 2010

Construction Update July 16

Check out our sweet little Chalet. I left to go on a little vacation up to San Francisco... And when I came home, we had all new Windows and a roof!! See the window on the left corner, that is precisely where my desk will go to watch the sun come over the hillside in the morning while I work. The four middle windows and big opening is the family room. And this is going to be a rock climbing wall inside the house... how fun is that going to be!

Anyone have a good source rock climbing handles? The contractor promised me once we reached this point, the house would go fast. I sure hope he is right!


LLFitnessAcademy said...

Looking great!

Chris said...

I made some out of hard wood for the climbing wall we had up the back of our garage growing up. But check REI for Metolius holds, they are good, and cheap.


Mary said...

Yay!!!! It is really starting to take shape. I want more pictures!!!!!!