Thursday, July 01, 2010

SOS! Get me out of here!

We love Mr. Man, and on Father's Day weekend, we lost our kitchen, the living room, and the master bedroom all at the same time. Mr. Man does not do well with chaos and construction. During the day it became terribly obvious he needed to get away. Getting a sitter at the last minute on Father's Day weekend wasn't panning out, so I put out an S.O.S. Enter Aunt Cinnamon who graciously accepted the frantic call. I got all dolled up, which meant I showered... and put on my best pair of bangs. Mr. Boy wanted to document our grand outing by taking pics. Notice we sprung for the fancy plastic sheeting as our background of choice. Har-dee-har-har Mr. Man... He pretends to sleep during a picture, so funny I forgot to laugh.
Mr. Boy is at the age where kissing is the grossest thing ever. We like to gross him out every chance we get.
When we got in the car, we realized it had been FIVE months since our last date. FIVE months far too long. As we drove to dinner, I saw a man running down the street wearing a straight jacket. *I'm just going to pause here while you digest that*

I'm not kidding, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. A STRAIGHT JACKET! Mr. Man was unimpressed, probably because he grew up in LA, and seeing something like that just means it's a typical Saturday night. Silly me... I wore a red dress to dinner. I should have worn a straight jacket.

Thanks to Aunt Cinnamon for babysitting at the last minute!


Cimblog (tm) said...

You're welcome! [almost] ANYTIME!

Brooke said...

Love LA :)

Mary said...

That's funny. Where can I get a good quality, cheap straight jacket, anyway? It's um... for a new magic act I'm starting up.

I'm glad that other parents do the "lets make out in front of the kids" thing, to. Hee!

Mary said...


Oh man, that is driving me crazy. Blame the brain tumor.