Friday, July 30, 2010

That one time I went ballistic...

As you are all aware by now we are doing some construction on the house. It has gone pretty well, I love my crew of Juan's. Some of the work has been subcontracted out... and that has been good with the exception of one incident. You'd never believe me if I told you, so Cinnamon aka Witness #11 aka Cimblog(tm) graciously offered to guest post.

This pretty much sums up my friendship with Qwendy.I carry around latex gloves & bleach just in case I ever get *the* call for a best friend type of deed, but we’ll both deny that so don’t even try to report us. Qwendy has been doing some construction on her house as you may have noticed, and while most things have been going fairly well and while she’s been keeping her sanity in tact (mostly) I do think it’s gotten to her.

Several days ago I stopped by to see the progress on the Chalet. I started the tour after most of the Juans had gone home for the day and it’s shaping up nicely. Now, I’m no expert but I did note some…shall we say…inconsistencies in the quality of the work done by certain subcontractor. Let's just called him Mr. Beavis. Let’s face it—some areas flat out looked like Mr. Boy had done the work (no disrespect to Mr. Boy).

Since the head Juan had hired out the work to Mr. Beavis, Qwendy was on the phone with Juan #1 trying to find out what to do since Mr. Beavis wanted his money and the job wasn’t done to their standard. It was determined that they would give Mr. Beavis most of the money for the job but withhold some until they came to fix the work. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, but that seems pretty darn fair.

Several days later I got a text saying, “cimblog(tm), you should stop by, my cabinets are coming and I might need a sanity check.” I don’t need more reason that that to stop by! So, I packed up some latex gloves, bleach, and some wipes and headed over.

The cabinets are GORGEOUS and they’re EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t love it more, and the paint is perfect and the floor is perfect! This kitchen will make the time they went without one absolutely worth it!!

Qwendy whispered to me, “You might want to stick around, it might get good.” Apparently, Mr. Beavis was going to come by for his money. So while Qwendy was finishing up with a painting Juan, I decided to go in and see Mr. Boy and AK-47. We played for a while and I wandered back out to see what was going on with Qwendy. In her hand was a folded check, and she looked a little apprehensive and perhaps a little crazy-eyed. I whispered, tapping the gloves in my pocket, "Is that for Mr. Beavis?” It was. Qwendy went outside to deliver the check to Mr. Beavis and I went and inspected some more areas of the house. That’s when it happened.

I heard this low guttural growl coming from just outside the house and I knew there was going to be trouble. It was like the low growl of a wolf protecting her cubs. Then there was yelling, “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!”, “NO! YOU GET OFF MY PROPERTY, RIGHT NOOOOOOW!”, “GET OFF….GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”, “OUT, GET OUT NOW!” People came running from all corners of the house and all we caught was a glimpse of the blue shirt of Mr. Beavis retreating from the house and property. What Qwendy had was 10 Juans who witnessed Mr. Beavis picking up a pick axe and coming at her. Mr. Beavis was either coming at her to slay her, her workers, and everyone in the vicinity, OR threatening to come in and pull the walls down. Either way, the Juans only witnessed this subcontractor-freak coming at her with a pick axe and that right there is intent, my beavis friend.

Mr. Beavis, you don’t know who you’re dealing with!
UPDATE: Mr. Beavis called Juan #1 asking for the rest of the money, even though he never had the nerve to show up to fix the rest of his work. Juan #1 said, "Hey, I'm at the Chalet and have a check for you in my pocket. You come up here and apologize to the lady of the house for threatening her with a pick axe and I'll give you the check. His reply, "No way. She is scary!"


Laura said...

Just the one time?

Brooke said...

Wow. Wow.

Mary said...

WHAT THE HELL???!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene said...

I say - DON'T PAY HIM! Seriously! And then get him blacklisted, if you can find out how to do that! Call the contractors union or something.....
If he gets by with shoddy work on your place, he will do it again and again!